Home Sellers Guide for Oahu Homeowners

With shifts in the real estate market, some sellers wonder if they missed their chance to enjoy a successful experience. While it is true that interest rates have risen and there is a subtle decrease in demand, the market in Oahu remains busy. With the right strategy in place and a team of local experts on your team, you can sell your home on Oahu in for the price you want. We have a few tips to help.

1. Price your home right Home Sellers Guide for Oahu Homeowners

Getting your listing price right is essential. Too high a price will leave great buyers out, while a price too low can leave money on the table. The best way to price your home well is by leaning on the expertise of your agent, who will help you decide on a price that makes sense based on local market conditions and comparable properties in the neighborhood.

2. Don't limit potential buyer's access

One way sellers inadvertently limit the success of their experience is by limiting buyers' access. We know it isn't easy to make your home available for showings at all times, especially if you are living in the home until it sells and spend a significant amount of time at home. However, limiting buyers' access to a few nights and weekends will likely lead to your home sitting on the market far longer than necessary.

Instead, find solutions that allow you to show the home whenever a potential buyer is interested. This might mean:

  • Hiring a professional house keeper to keep things show ready
  • Working from a coffee shop instead of your home office
  • Finding places to entertain the kids outside of the home
  • Beginning to pack early and storing items in the garage or a storage facility so your home is always ready for a showing

3. Prioritize first impressions

The first impression a buyer gets of your home is extremely important. The immediate thoughts and reactions they have when they first come across your property will set the tone for the interest they have, and how much they are willing to offer.

There are a few first impressions to keep in mind:

  • Screen appeal: Some buyer's first impression of your home will be virtual. This means the photography and description in your online listing are worth getting right, so share all the relevant information with your agent about renovations that have been done, access to local amenities, and any other interesting information a buyer might want to know.
  • Curb appeal: As your potential buyer walks up to the property, they are already forming opinions about how well maintained it seems to be and what type of life they could enjoy in the home just by the front yard. Make sure your home is sporting its maximum curb appeal before you list it.
  • Open houses: In some cases, your buyer's first impression will come during an open house. Make sure your home is sparkling clean, smelling great, and staged before your open house. Even if a buyer does not consciously notice, these details will set the tone for how they feel about the property.

4. Stage your home

Staging can be done by a pro, or you can DIY it if you feel confident. The primary goal of staging is allowing a potential buyer to envision themselves in the home, not being distracted by your personal belongings or decor. Each space in the home should be decluttered and set up to show the function of the room. If staging feels overwhelming to you, it might be best to hire a pro to get it right. In most cases, the expense of hiring a professional real estate stager is more than covered by the sale of the home.

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