Melia - Proposed Luxury Condo Tower At The Gateway To Ward Village

Melia is a proposed front-row luxury development the Ward Village neighborhood on the southern shore of Oahu. This development will go up next to its sister tower of Ilima, replacing the Ward Centre. Melia will consist of 242 homes across 35 stories, ranging from 1-Bed to 4-Bed floor plans.

Melia Ward Village Rendering

The name ‘Melia’ comes from the plumeria flower, a flower sought after for making leis for all occasions. This name is intended to reflect a rich Hawaiian tradition of hospitality. The architectural design is inspired by local architects like Bertram Goodhue and Julia Morgan, featuring articulated facades, stepped massing, and creative podium screening.

Homes in Melia are likely to be oriented around ultra-luxury living and to have matching amenities. Permits indicate an L-Shaped design to maximize views of the ocean and Diamond Head, with select units on the Diamond Head side to feature Juliet Balcony-Style Lanai.

Building Information

  • Address To Be Announced
  • 35-Story Luxury Front-Row Condo Tower
  • 242 units In 1-Bed to 4-Bed Floor Plans
  • Approx. 65,000 Sq. Ft. Recreational Area
  • Juliet Balcony-Style Lanai In Select Units

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About Melia

Melia_Rendering_BareMelia is the current name given to the proposed Block D development in Ward Village, a master-planned community developed by the Howard Hughes Corporation.

Permit application documents so far indicate Melia’s architectural design will be a thoughtful blend of modern innovation and homage to Hawaii’s rich architectural heritage, inspired by the works of notable architects like Bertram Goodhue and Julia Morgan - known for their influential buildings in Honolulu. These documents indicate that the building will feature articulated facades, stepped massing, and creative podium screening, Melia is intended to be not only a residence but also the gateway to the Ward Village neighborhood. The building’s L-shaped structure will maximize views of Diamond Head and the ocean, providing residents with breathtaking vistas.

The Melia development is more than just a physical structure; it represents a commitment to revitalizing the Kaka'ako neighborhood while respecting its cultural and historical roots. The project aligns with the vision of transforming the area into a cohesive, master-planned community. One example is a ‘botanical garden’ pathway that will run along Ala Moana Boulevard from the IBM Building to Diamond Head Plaza Park and over 5,000 Sq. Ft. of open space.


Nestled between Auahi Street and the bustling Ala Moana Boulevard, Melia will be more than a residence – it will be part of a gateway to the dynamic Ward Village. This proposed redevelopment of the Ward Centre will have Melia and its sister tower, Ilima, replacing the Ward Centre. Melia will be bordered by Ala Moana Boulevard to the south, Ilima to the east, Auahi Street to the north, and Diamond Head Plaza Park to the west. The golden sands of Ala Moana Beach lie just across the street from the development.

Melia Ward Village Map

In the above map, the development location of Melia (Block D) is within the star.

Melia will join the established and esteemed Ward Village neighborhood, a pedestrian-friendly master-planned community in Honolulu that aims to give residents everything they could need or want within easy walking distance. Melia will be a prime location for both unobstructed views and total convenience as part of the mixed use district of Kaka’ako. Residents of Melia will see opportunities aplenty for luxury shopping, high-end restaurants, and hitting the beach.

Resident Lifestyle

Residents of Melia can expect a lifestyle that harmoniously blends modern luxury with a vibrant community atmosphere in a convenient location. The residences are being designed to provide comfort and style, with contemporary interiors and high-quality finishes that cater to a refined taste as a high likelihood. Current plans indicate approximately 9 units per floor on most floors, indicating high levels of privacy and space for residents.

Rendering of Auahi street redesign including in permit application

Based on the permit application, Melia’s design and amenities seem crafted to support a healthy, eco-friendly way of living. The inclusion of a fitness center and wellness areas encourages residents to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. The development’s various eco-friendly initiatives and wellness-focused amenities offer residents an opportunity to lead a conscious, healthy lifestyle while contributing positively to the environment.

Melia's convenient location within the Ward Village neighborhood of Kaka'ako is a significant upside to its residential units. The development’s placement in this vibrant and culturally rich neighborhood suggests that the condo units will offer more than just a place to live; they will offer a gateway to experiencing the energy and dynamism of one of Honolulu's most sought-after districts.

Services & Amenities

According to permit applications, Melia will include approximately 65,000 Sq. Ft. of recreational area, including a landscaped level 6 amenity deck with pools. These recreational spaces will be tailored to offer residents indoor and outdoor places for relaxation, fitness, and social gatherings within the comfort of their own community.

Melia Amenity Deck Rendering

A key aspect of Melia, as with all of Ward Village, will be a focus on health and wellness. The building will include a fitness center equipped with the latest exercise equipment, encouraging a healthy lifestyle among residents. The recreation space will be split between the ground level and the level 6 amenity deck, located above the parking garage and featuring pools, lawn and garden areas, and stunning views.

The permit submitted indicated this recreational space will be broken down as follows.

Ground Level Space

  • Approximately 6,712 Sq. Ft. Outdoor Recreational Space
  • Approximately 1,957 Sq. Ft. Indoor Recreational Space

Level 6 Amenity Deck

  • Approximately 41,824 Sq. Ft. Outdoor Recreational Space
  • Approximately 15,122 Sq. Ft. Indoor Recreational Space

About The Howard Hughes Corporation

The Howard Hughes Corporation is a veteran real estate developer that is bringing the experience of multiple master-planned communities to bear in Ward Village. They have over 25 strategic projects in various stages of development, including Ward Village. Melia and Ilima will be the 13th and 14th residential buildings in Ward Village.

Condo Units & Pricing

According to permit documents, Melia will feature 242 homes in 1-Bed through 4-Bed floor plans. While specific details about the individual condo units are not yet available, Melia's overall architectural plan points towards a fusion of comfort, luxury, and modern living. There will be approximately nine units on each floor, excluding the top floors, indicating a higher than average level of privacy and space available to residents. The development intends to deliver a residential experience that is both visually appealing and functionally superior, fostering a sense of prestige and exclusivity.

The development will include up to 499 off-street parking spaces, to be dedicated to residential and guest parking. Additionally, the development will include up to 70 bicycle parking stalls in public areas and within the parking structure.

Pricing hasn’t yet been released, but given the front-row location, the low units per floor, the lack of studio floor plans, and the convenient location, units are expected to rival the luxury and expense of other front-row towers in Ward Village.

Floor Plans

  • 79 One-Bedroom Units
  • 98 Two-Bedroom Units
  • 62 Three-Bedroom Units
  • 3 Four-Bedroom Units

More Information on Melia

Melia is expected to submit further permit applications in mid-2024, with construction expected to finish in a single phase that begins in late 2025. It’s important to note that this timetable is subject to change based on sales and market trends, and that this tower has not yet begun construction or sales at this time.

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The above information is concerning a project that has not yet been completed. The information is subject to change at any time by its developers, who we are not affiliated with. Images used on this page may not accurately represent the completed project. All information is subject to verification.

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