Move To Hawaii With The Help Of A Community Informed By Decades Of Experience

Moving anywhere can be stressful - let us help. Learn everything you need to know about living in the Hawaiian islands, straight from the mouth of people who have lived the journey. Meet new people, connect with others on a similar journey, and join a network of local experts you can trust for all your moving and housing needs.

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What Is The Islander Ohana?

The Islander Ohana is a program designed from the ground up to help people move to Hawaii and live their best life in the paradise state. Every year, roughly 50,000 people move to Hawaii while 60,000 leave. These courses were made to address the most common reasons people return to the mainland and to help you make the move with the least amount of stress. By joining the program, you have the chance to acclimate to Hawaii long before make a purchase.

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One of the most valuable aspects of the Islander Ohana is the direct connection it provides to others who have made the move themselves and others who are going on this journey at the same time as you. This gives you insight from people who have experience what you will go through, and resources to make that process easier, more stressfree and successful.  The courses provided in this structured program help to address issues like culture shock, financing, making friends, getting a job, and making connections once you arrive.

We believe so much in this course that if you make it through the program and successfully buy a home and move to Hawaii, we'll even credit the cost back to you and pay a portion of your closing costs!

Making A Plan Before You Move

Many of the people who move to Hawaii end up moving back to the mainland within a year. The reasons for this failure vary - from being unable to find a job to cultural mismatches. Minimize the chances of your move ending poorly - join us and get coaching from industry professionals who have lived here for decades.

Blogs and videos can only take you so far. The mainland and Hawaii are very different places - and even the individual islands have their own culture. You need to prepare to transform your entire life. Where better to learn than from those who have done it themselves?

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"We joined the Islander Ohana because we thought we could learn some tips and tricks to make our move easier. But we ended up with so much more than just that! Our biggest transformation came from the Spirituality class, and trying to unlearn all the bad habits we’ve picked up from life on the mainland. The cohort structure is the best part – we’ve met people from all over who have become instant friends that we look forward to meeting in person in Hawaii. The small class size is perfect, each person has plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions and it really feels like an Ohana!"    - Wes & Jessica - Winter 2020 Cohort

"I would recommend the Islander Ohana to anyone considering moving to Hawaii. Peter Kay shares practical tools, candid advice, and his own real-life experiences, thoughtfully engaging all class members and responding to their individual questions and requests. The combination of course materials and cohort interactions have been invaluable to our family and helped to reaffirm that this is the right move for us. We had done a lot of research on our own beforehand, but Peter provided insights that we would not have received any other way, from financial planning to spiritual transformation and everything in between. It has been a pleasure participating in this course and we are very grateful to have had this opportunity."  Charlene - Winter 2021 Cohort

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Interested in Joining or Learning More About The Islander Ohana?

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