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Moving to Hawaii is an incredible opportunity to experience a unique and beautiful culture and way of life. The island is known for its stunning beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and friendly locals. The Aloha spirit is real and you'll be welcomed with open arms. However, to make the most of your move, it's important to be well-prepared. Researching the cost of living in the area where you plan to live, familiarizing yourself with the local housing market, and having a plan in place for natural disasters are all important steps to take.

Family Walking On The Beach

Family Walking On The Beach

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The HiEstates Team are specialists in helping individuals and families move to Hawaii and purchase a home. Our extensive relocation background and decades of experience in this area has already helped hundreds of individuals and families successfully buy a home on Oahu, make the move, and successfully integrate into the community. Moving to Hawaii isn't just about buying a home and expecting to hit it off from there. It is a process that involves moving your entire family and life to a new area in the middle of the Pacific. This often entails leaving behind extended family and established support networks where you live now.

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Moving to Hawaii With Pets? Your Questions Answered
Aloha! Because minimizing the stress your furry family members go through is important. If you do your research and start preparing well ahead of your move date, you can actually skip pet quarantine entirely. Hawaii is a rabies free state, so we take a lot of precautions - sorry folks, no snakes allowed. Five Day Or Less Program: For more information on moving to Hawaii with pets, check out my blog post!
Will Remote Workers Change The Economic Landscape Of Hawaii?
Aloha! As the pandemic continues onward, we've gotten questions about remote workers moving to Hawaii. It could be interesting, since remote workers would be bringing in outside money - but the businesses themselves would still be out of state. I don't think it will overall change the landscape of the economics, or that it will cause the production of new housing developments purely for remote worker populations.
Things You Should Know About Renting A House When Moving To Hawaii
Aloha! Are you excited to move to Hawaii? Here's a few things you should know first. First - don't be too picky when seeking out a rental. There's a lot of competition. Second - looking to rent with pets? Depending on the length of your rental, you could have a hard time. It's difficult finding short-term rentals that allow pets. While not a guarantee, longer lease terms tend to be more lenient on the matter. As a bonus, if you're not sure where in Hawaii you want to buy your home yet a long-term rental g
Shipping A Car When Moving To Hawaii - How Does It Work?
Aloha! Whether shipping cars overseas to Hawaii is worth the hassle depends on your needs and the vehicle in question. Some things you should know first: Before you ship your car, you are required to empty it of gas to no more than a quarter of a tank. The vehicle must be in proper operating condition, and empty of all items except the following: infant car seats, a spare tire, a jack, floor mats, and a set of jumper cables. Learn more about shipping your car and moving to Hawaii in my blog post below! h
What Island is best for someone to live on who is disabled or is in a wheelchair?
Scott Startsman answers a viewers question about which island is best to live on when needing wheelchair access to a home. There is more to this question than just needing a home that will accommodate a wheelchair. Listen to Scott's response for more info.
Advice on moving to Hawaii and deciding where to buy
Aloha! This is a question that comes up fairly often - the basic answer is that it's one of those things you need to do yourself. Nearly every person enters into this with preconceived notions. Most of the time, once they actually arrive and are more personally involved what's important shifts. There are a lot of moving parts involved with every situation, so be sure to consult with professionals before making a big decision.
What to bring when moving to Oahu?
Whether you’ve just decided to move to Oahu or have planning for years, you need to know how to go about getting your things here — or if it’s even worth it. There are a few different viewpoints on this, and it really comes down to a few different factors. Dylan, Peter and Scott Startsman discuss what you should consider shipping or bringing with you when moving to Oahu. For more information on what you can get rid of before moving, check out my blog post!
How Do You Decide Where To Live When You're Unfamiliar With Hawaii?
Aloha! Hawaii is a culturally diverse place, with tons of micro-communities that can vary widely. Take this fun interactive quiz to learn more about what neighborhoods might fit you best! For more information on the easiest states to move from, check out my blog post!

Our program allows clients to make the move with the greatest success and the least amount of stress, giving you the opportunity to transition into your new community here in Hawaii with ease and with success.

Hawaii Relocation Services

To help you in your move to Hawaii, we offer the following services and information:

Free Moving to Hawaii Consultation

If you are looking at buying a home and moving to Hawaii, we offer a free consultation with Team Leader Scott Startsman - he can answer your questions and help you put the right plan in place for making your move a success. With over 20 years of real estate and relocation experience on Oahu, his vast background in a broad number of real estate sectors and his connections within the community allow you to quickly get the information you need and reduce the stress of the move.

Scott made the move in 1999 and he enjoys sharing his insights and knowledge and helping others make the move. Fill out the form below to get started.

Islander Ohana

The Islander Ohana is a cohort program designed from the ground up to help people move to Hawaii and live their best life in the paradise state.

Every year, roughly 50,000 people move to Hawaii while 60,000 leave. These courses were made to address the most common reasons people return to the mainland and to help you make the move. By joining the program, you have the chance to acclimate to Hawaii long before making a purchase. You get to meet others who have gone through the move or are planning on moving to Hawaii - giving you connections and insights directly from experts and from others who share your desire to live in paradise. This way, you can and start creating that support system and forming a network of friends long before you even arrive in Hawaii. Learn more here.

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Oahu Neighborhood Information

We have tons of neighborhood information to help you learn about the different areas you might consider. Information on schools, shopping, lifestyle components, and neighborhood videos to go along with it. Start your research here.

Interactive Quizzes

Want to learn more about Oahu or find out which neighborhood best fits your needs? We've got that and more fun, interactive quizzes - check them out here!

Personalized Hawaii Relocation Strategy

On top of all the information above, we have a specialized relocation program tailored to your needs when it comes to making the move and buying a home. This includes us helping create the best plan for your needs with neighborhood tours, assistance and introducing you to our vendors for shipping, to bankers and financial services partners, and even helping connect you with doctors or various other needs you might have. We create the transition plan for you and your family's needs. Click here to jump to our contact form to get started.

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"From the first moment we spoke with Scott we knew he was the right person to help us
transition from Florida to Hawaii. His breath of knowledge about how to make such a massive
move was instrumental in our confidence to decide to actually make the leap! Our needs were
met in every aspect including when I visited and Scott’s assistance with that visit can not be
overstated. It was the exact right move that allowed us as a family to know that this was the
right the decision. We can’t thank Scott enough for everything he did for us. We consider him a
friend as well as an excellent real estate agent." ~Erin H.

Check out other testimonials on our Testimonial page here.

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