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Moving to Hawaii is an incredible opportunity to experience a unique and beautiful culture and way of life. The island is known for its stunning beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and friendly locals. The Aloha spirit is real and you'll be welcomed with open arms. However, to make the most of your move, it's crucial to start planning well in advance - at least a year or two ahead of time. Researching the cost of living in the area where you plan to live, familiarizing yourself with the local housing market, and having a plan in place for the move are all important steps to take.

Remember, starting early is key to ensuring a smooth transition to this incredible island paradise.

Family Walking On The Beach

Family Walking On The Beach

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At HiEstates, we understand that moving to Hawaii is a complex process that goes beyond just buying a new home. That's why our team of specialists is dedicated to helping you build a custom moving plan that takes all of your unique needs and circumstances into account. The earlier you reach out and begin the process, the better - especially if you are moving with pets or family members. We recommend 6 months to 1 year out in connecting with us.

But even if you're moving alone, you're leaving behind your extended family and established support networks where you currently live. That's why we're here to guide you every step of the way, from creating a personalized moving plan that suits your individual situation, to providing ongoing support and resources to help you settle in and make Hawaii your new home. Trust the HiEstates team to help you make a seamless transition to this amazing island paradise. With our extensive relocation background and decades of experience in this area, we've helped countless individuals and families successfully purchase a home on Oahu, make the move, and smoothly integrate into their new community.

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Moving to Hawaii With Pets? Your Questions Answered
Aloha! Because minimizing the stress your furry family members go through is important. If you do your research and start preparing well ahead of your move date, you can actually skip pet quarantine entirely. Hawaii is a rabies free state, so we take a lot of precautions - sorry folks, no snakes allowed. Five Day Or Less Program: For more information on moving to Hawaii with pets, check out my blog post!
Will Remote Workers Change The Economic Landscape Of Hawaii?
Aloha! As the pandemic continues onward, we've gotten questions about remote workers moving to Hawaii. It could be interesting, since remote workers would be bringing in outside money - but the businesses themselves would still be out of state. I don't think it will overall change the landscape of the economics, or that it will cause the production of new housing developments purely for remote worker populations.
Things You Should Know About Renting A House When Moving To Hawaii
Aloha! Are you excited to move to Hawaii? Here's a few things you should know first. First - don't be too picky when seeking out a rental. There's a lot of competition. Second - looking to rent with pets? Depending on the length of your rental, you could have a hard time. It's difficult finding short-term rentals that allow pets. While not a guarantee, longer lease terms tend to be more lenient on the matter. As a bonus, if you're not sure where in Hawaii you want to buy your home yet a long-term rental g
Shipping A Car When Moving To Hawaii - How Does It Work?
Aloha! Whether shipping cars overseas to Hawaii is worth the hassle depends on your needs and the vehicle in question. Some things you should know first: Before you ship your car, you are required to empty it of gas to no more than a quarter of a tank. The vehicle must be in proper operating condition, and empty of all items except the following: infant car seats, a spare tire, a jack, floor mats, and a set of jumper cables. Learn more about shipping your car and moving to Hawaii in my blog post below! h
What Island is best for someone to live on who is disabled or is in a wheelchair?
Scott Startsman answers a viewers question about which island is best to live on when needing wheelchair access to a home. There is more to this question than just needing a home that will accommodate a wheelchair. Listen to Scott's response for more info.
Advice on moving to Hawaii and deciding where to buy
Aloha! This is a question that comes up fairly often - the basic answer is that it's one of those things you need to do yourself. Nearly every person enters into this with preconceived notions. Most of the time, once they actually arrive and are more personally involved what's important shifts. There are a lot of moving parts involved with every situation, so be sure to consult with professionals before making a big decision.
What to bring when moving to Oahu?
Whether you’ve just decided to move to Oahu or have planning for years, you need to know how to go about getting your things here — or if it’s even worth it. There are a few different viewpoints on this, and it really comes down to a few different factors. Dylan, Peter and Scott Startsman discuss what you should consider shipping or bringing with you when moving to Oahu. For more information on what you can get rid of before moving, check out my blog post!
How Do You Decide Where To Live When You're Unfamiliar With Hawaii?
Aloha! Hawaii is a culturally diverse place, with tons of micro-communities that can vary widely. Take this fun interactive quiz to learn more about what neighborhoods might fit you best! For more information on the easiest states to move from, check out my blog post!
Are There Moving Services For Mainland Home Buyers?
Aloha! This is on that Scott has personal experience with - he helped corporations move employees to Hawaii. If you're ready to make the move, Scott has the experience to provide the best service around. Click the link below to see our blog posts all about moving to Hawaii:
What Kind Of Lifestyle In Hawaii Does 100k Salary Get Including Private Schooling?
#Aloha! This is a question we get from often from viewers, so we asked members to tune in and give us some answers as well. Check out our blog post on Cost of Living in Hawaii! Click the link below for information on popular Oahu neighborhoods!
Safe And Affordable Communities In Hawaii
Aloha! East Oahu, from Diamond Head to Hawaii Kai is going to be the absolutely safest area. The urban area is always going to be a slightly mixed bag, though areas like Ward Village stand out. Check out neighborhoods in the Diamond Head region! Check out the neighborhoods in the Hawaii Kai region! Check out Kailua neighborhoods below! Check out Metro Honolulu comm
Loan Considerations For Retirees Moving To Hawaii
#Aloha! If you're on the verge of retiring, it can affect home loans. Click the link below for information on popular Oahu neighborhoods!
Retiring In Hawaii - Viewer Questions Answered
Aloha! Thinking about #retirement in #Hawaii ? We field questions from viewers on the topic. Take our fun interactive quizzes!
What are the safest places to live on each of the islands in Hawaii?
Aloha! East Oahu, from Diamond Head to Hawaii Kai is going to be the absolutely safest area. The urban area is always going to be a slightly mixed bag, though areas like Ward Village stand out.
When Should You Get Your Financing Lined Up When Moving To Hawaii?
Aloha! This audience member was wondering - start looking for condo financing now in current job or wait until I they find a local job? Ultimately you need to talk to a mortgage broker to be sure, because every situation is different. Generally if you're looking for a job in the same industry it should be fine, but you could run into problems if you have a break in employment or a change in industry. The safest thing to do would be to not leave your job until you have closed on the property.
Where Can I Buy Essential Furniture Once I Move?
Aloha! Curious about bringing furniture? There are a few options to get new furniture once you arrive. Facebook Marketplace and Costco are popular options, as well as getting it shipped in. Be aware though, there could be or a backlog due to the pandemic - double check before you plan for it!
What Percentage Of Buyers Moving To Hawaii Are Remote Workers?
Aloha! We examine how common this trend is throughout the islands. With an increase in the amount of people working from home, this has been a popular question. We don't have the hard data but it hasn't been a huge number - less than 20% for sure. The bigger trend I've seen though is that more people are moving here just to live here, not necessarily related to work.
Moving To Hawaii | Is $30k In Savings Enough?
Aloha! This is a very specific question with specific circumstances - but it can give you an idea. It really comes down to your lifestyle and expenses. I'd say you should have at least 6 months worth of savings to make sure that you have a cushion - and even longer is better. You really need to dig into the nitty gritty though to personalize it to your needs. Are you moving alone, or are you supporting others? If you have kids, have you researched their future schools? Do you have your savings planned ou
Advice for a Single Income Person Moving to Hawaii
Aloha! Moving alone? We've been there and done that. I moved here like that, 20 years ago now. It really depends on your financial situation - and being willing to give up some things can't hurt. For example - if you're not too attached to your car, it may be better to sell it before you move and use public transportation until you can get a cheap beater. Check out my blog post on what careers thrive in Hawaii!
Moving To Hawaii | When Is The Best Time To Move?
Aloha! In this video, Scott Startsman and company take a crack at these tough questions from fans: When is the right time in life to move to Hawaii? This is more of a philosophical discussion about how we want to live our life. We also answer the direct question, Should I Move to Hawaii now and get a rental, or save up a down payment before making plans? Got a question you want me to answer on our next live show? Fill out this form to send me a message! As with many things in life, the questions posed to
Is Hawaii A Remote Workers Paradise?
Aloha! Today we talk about a topic that’s been popping up since the start of the Pandemic: Is Hawaii A Remote Workers Paradise? The start of the pandemic sped up the modern workspace transitioning fully digital, with many people now permanently work from home. Even those that have to return to the office once or twice a month - the cost of a flight to the mainland might be worth the tradeoff. And if you’re working from home - why not live in Hawaii and work from paradise every day? The February 2021 ice
When Visiting, How Long To Stay To Get The Hawaii vibe?
Aloha! Today, Scott Startsman & Company discuss visiting the islands before deciding to make the move to Hawaii. You definitely want to get a feel for the culture before you move to Hawaii. The islands are a diverse cultural melting pot, with people from all over the world - each community can have its own feel. You can’t expect to move to a small neighborhood with no previous island experience and fit right in. If you have been to Hawaii many times before and know where you’re moving, you should have f
How Do I Find A Rental When Moving To Hawaii?
Aloha! Today I answer the often asked question: when moving to Hawaii how do I find a short term rental to stay in while looking for a home? It really comes down to how familiar you already are with the island and the area where you want to be. Short term rentals may work for you if you don’t have pets and don’t mind moving between units every month until you find a home, or if you know the exact area you want to settle down. Otherwise, a longer term rental may be better suited to you - 6 months and up, so
Avoiding Pet Quarantine When Moving To Hawaii
Aloha! Today I have a little advice on how to move your pets to the islands with the least amount of stress. Hawaii is a completely rabies free state - animals coming in must go through special testing and quarantines to make sure it stays that way. The pet quarantine can take a long time to release your beloved pet - unless you prepare ahead of time. I have never had a client that had to go through the pet quarantine. Instead, they took part in Hawaii’s Five-Day or Less program and got everything done u
Can I Rent In Hawaii With Pets?
Aloha! I’ve had a few fans asking if there are many pet friendly rentals on Oahu. The answer is - not really, no. If you’re coming to rent to buy, my advice is to leave your pet with family on the mainland until you get into your home. Otherwise the situation could get complicated real quick trying to find pet friendly temporary housing. It’s possible - but it’s already difficult to find regular rentals. I don’t recommend trying this route unless there is no other option.
How hard is it to rent a place on Oahu with pets?
In this video we discuss what it is like to try and rent a place with pets on Oahu and some of the things to consider.
Are Low Down Payments Acceptable In The Hawaii Real Estate Market?
Aloha! Today Scott Startsman & Company tackle the question: Are low down payments acceptable in the current Hawaii Real Estate Market? There are a few tips I can offer to help, even with a down payment of 5%. First, work with a local lender because guidelines are different here. Second, even with a low down payment, depending on your income and how long it would take to save another 5%, it can be better to jump in now rather than waiting. Third, be patient and be prepared - offers with a low down payment w
How are Oahu public schools compared to mainland public schools?
See this round table discussion about Hawaii's public schools vs mainland public schools. Hear the insights on what the challenges area with Hawaii public schools and how to make your public school experience better for your child.
Are you allowed to bring fire arms to Hawaii?
Moving to Oahu or moving to Hawaii in general? We discuss Hawaii's fire arms rules in detail. Does Hawaii have concealed carry laws? Are gun laws strict in Hawaii? What is the process for registration of guns? Can you have long guns and are those laws different than having a hand gun?
Is bullying a concern for caucasian kids in Oahu schools?
In this video we talk about is there a concern for Caucasian kids to be bullied in schools on Oahu, what neighborhoods to consider for housing and the general school environment in Hawaii.
Finding a rental to stay in when you arrive on Oahu while searching for a home to buy?
Scott Startsman and Peter Kay discuss some examples of affordable, middle ranged and higher end range shorter term (1-6 months) rental options when moving to Oahu and needing temporary housing before finding the Hawaii home you will purchase to live in.
Living In Hawaii - My Perspective
A blog post from a 20+ year resident
Green golf course with someone in the middle of their backswing

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