Why You Should Invest in a Condo as a Vacation Rental Property

Buying a vacation rental property in Hawaii is a smart investment almost any way you slice it, with a historically strong real estate market and steady demand from tourists all year round. As you create your strategy and set your investment budget, consider the benefits of buying a condo in Oahu rather than a house.

Whether it's a new construction condo or an existing property, there are quite a few reasons to choose a condo instead of a single family home (especially if you won't be living on the island full time). To learn more about condos for sale on Oahu, contact us any time. If you're still on the fence about what type of property to buy, check out this post.

Prime Location

Choosing a condo over a house often allows you to access the most desirable locations. Unless you have an extremely impressive budget, you may find it impossible to compete with major developers who are looking to buy the beachfront properties that are available. On the other hand, condos in Oahu often boast prime locations, with many situated along the coastline and providing breathtaking oceanfront views.

Tourists visiting the island for a vacation often prioritize proximity to the beach. Choosing a condo allows you to offer guests a front-row seat to the picturesque Hawaiian coastline, enhancing the overall vacation experience and making your property more attractive to potential renters. Many of your ideal guests are going to be more interested in a beachfront location than having a house to rent.

Lower Upfront Costs

In many cases, condos come with lower upfront costs compared to houses, making them more accessible for investors, especially those entering the market for the first time. This can free up capital for other aspects of your vacation rental business, such as property improvements, marketing, or building a reserve fund for maintenance and unexpected expenses.

Amenities and Maintenance

Condominium complexes typically offer shared amenities and facilities that can enhance the vacation experience for your guests without you having to add anything to the property, or maintain it. Common features include swimming pools, fitness centers, barbecue areas, and landscaped gardens. These shared facilities not only attract potential guests but also reduce the burden of maintenance costs on individual property owners.

One of the key advantages of condo ownership is the convenience of maintenance and management. Condominium associations often handle common area maintenance, landscaping, and exterior repairs. This can be particularly appealing for investors who prefer a hands-off approach or those who live off-island and need a property that requires less day-to-day management.


Many condos on Oahu offer gated access and security features, providing a sense of safety for both property owners and guests. This can be a significant selling point for vacation rentals, especially for families or individuals who prioritize security during their stay. The added layer of protection can make your property more appealing to a broad range of renters, and protect your investment, too.

Turnkey Properties

Many condos come fully furnished and decorated, presenting a turnkey solution for vacation rental investors. This not only saves time and effort in setting up the property but also provides a consistent and appealing aesthetic for renters. A well-furnished condo can stand out in online listings and attract more attention from potential guests.

Even if the condo is not sold furnished, you will likely be able to find a condo that requires zero updating and renovating to be ready to list as a rental. There are many condos on Oahu that are carefully maintained or have been listed as vacation rentals for many years to minimize the need for updating when you buy it.

Flexibility in Rental Restrictions

Condos in Oahu often have fewer restrictions on short-term vacation rentals compared to single-family homes in certain areas. While it's essential to check the specific rules and regulations of each condo complex before you make an offer, condos generally offer more flexibility in terms of rental durations and can be more accommodating for a vacation rental business.

Exit Strategy

If, for any reason, you decide to sell your investment property in the future, condos often have a more straightforward exit strategy. The market for condos on Oahu is generally robust, and the demand for vacation rentals remains high, making it easier to sell your property and potentially realize a profit.

Investing in a condo for a short-term vacation rental on Oahu offers a myriad of benefits, from prime locations and oceanfront views to lower upfront costs and shared amenities. Ready to find your investment property in Oahu? Contact us any time.

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