The Ward Village Master Plan

Ward Village is the premier, hip, up and coming master-planned community in the urban core of Honolulu, located on the southern shore of Oahu next to the golden sands of Ala Moana Beach.

Kakaako Aerial Shot

Developed by the Howard Hughes corporation, this Master Planned Community is a key element of the Kakaako area plans over the coming years. Ward Village is being designed with a goal promoting a health and wellness based lifestyle that harmoniously mixes urban and island life.

With an eye towards that goal, this urban core community is being developed (and redeveloped) for pedestrians from the ground up. At the spine of it all lies the redevelopment of Auahi Street as the pedestrian-friendly promenade, leading into both lush green spaces and trendy restaurants. Ward Village is creating a strong identity for itself over the course of its development.

Most residential units in Ward Village lie in the form of high-rise towers. The neighborhood is currently home to 6 residential towers that range from mixed-use to ultra luxury, with another six in varying stages of planning and development. The most recent tower to break ground was Kalae in January, while the most recent to start sales is The Launiu in February. The units throughout the neighborhood range from ultra-luxury penthouses with resort-style amenities to small studio units overlooking Victoria Ward Park.

Located In Kaka’ako

Ward Village is a driving factor in Kaka’ako’s ongoing transformation into one of the hippest areas in Honolulu, filled with boutique shops and restaurants. While it is actively being developed, this master planned community is already a thriving neighborhood that is actively growing. Ward Village is doing this by granting its residents a unique blend of the urban core and the island lifestyle.

Ward Village today has welcomed over 1,000 residents to its pedestrian-friendly streets. They support a thriving local community that includes local farmers at the Ward Village farmers market and local designers at the South Shore Market. For all other grocery needs, the residential tower Ae’o has a Whole Foods built right into its base - a popular destination throughout kakaako.

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Ward Village In 2024

Waiea Tower In Ward VillageWard Village today stands as a pedestrian oriented neighborhood full of boutique restaurants, shops, and lush green open areas that encourage a health and wellness-based attitude for residents and visitors alike. Between the completed towers, Ward Village has welcomed over 1,000 new residents home. Throughout the neighborhood, options are available for a wide variety of palates and cuisines - showing off the cultural melting pot that is Hawaii.

At the heart of it all is a desire to support the local community. One example can be found at South Shore Market, where residents can find a diverse mix of retailers that showcase talented entrepreneurs in Hawaii. There are three distinct shopping districts within Ward Village that provide a variety of shopping and dining options.

Retail & Restaurants

Foodies of all kinds will love the restaurants available in Ward Village - ranging through a melting pot of cultures from Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, and more. One such example is Istanbul Hawaii, born out of love for a homeland dearly missed. The dishes bring the flavors of 30 years of experience in Turkish cuisine to the retail space of Anaha.

Island Brew Coffeehouse hopes to bring 100% locally grown and roasted coffee to Anaha’s shops in the near future, helping to support Oahu’s local community. As development continues, Ward Village will have even more retail and restaurant spaces open along the Auahi promenade.

You can check out the full directory of shopping locations in the Ward Village shopping directory here, and the restaurant directory here.

Open Spaces

Throughout its ongoing development, the Ward Village master plan calls for enhancing the walking experience of residents and visitors alike. In this spirit, Auahi will be redeveloped into a pedestrian oriented promenade that connects planned large green spaces across the entire neighborhood. Victoria Ward Park is one of these green spaces, with planned renovations over the next several years alongside construction of The Park.

Victoria Ward Park Mock-Up

Victoria Ward Park is named in honor of Victoria Ward and carries forward her vision of creating a modern-day haven in the urban core of Honolulu. The renovations will include both mauka and makai sections of the promenade, with landscaping intended to help promote the calm island atmosphere of the neighborhood and provide multiple view corridors.

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As it continues its development, the Ward Village Master Plan indicates a main focus on the redevelopment of Auahi Street as a pedestrian-oriented urban promenade and completing the Ala Moana Elevated Walkway. Another major focus is the addition of future park space, which is being added during the development of condo towers in the neighborhood.

Auahi Street Redevelopment Plans

There are currently six completed high-rise towers in Ward Village, with another four under construction and two in the planning stages. The towers in development range in their estimated completion date, with the next finished expected to be Victoria Place. In addition, there are two projects that still remain unnamed - Ilima Ward Village and Melia Ward Village. You can read more about these latest projects here.

Ward VIllage is being developed to provide its residents a calm island neighborhood within the urban core.

Completed Condo Towers

There are currently six high-rise towers completed in Ward Village, with a seventh nearing completion. Units in these towers range from studios to luxurious penthouse suites. Each tower has been developed to fill a specific role within the neighborhood, incorporating unique design elements that reflect Kakaako’s past.

Towers In Development

The above information and associated pages are concerning project that has not yet been completed. The images, where applicable, are the intellectual property of the developers of the project. The information is subject to change at any time by its developers, who we are not affiliated with. All information is subject to verification.

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Ward Village Tomorrow

In addition to the current roster of residential towers being built, there are ongoing permits and planning for new ones. As the development of Ward Village moves forward, the Ward Village Master Plan calls for four design strategies to guide it.

Connected Public Spaces

The Ward Village Master Plan provides for the development of three significant and connected open green spaces for pedestrians. This involves the Victoria Ward Mauka and Victoria Ward Makai parks, split by the Auahi promenade as it links to proposed parks on both Diamond Head and Ewa ends of Ward Avenue.

Ward Village Elevated Walkway

Ward Village Walkway

A new pedestrian bridge will make it much easier to access Kewalo Basin Harbor and Ala Moana Beach Park as residents won't have to cross the busy Ala Moana Avenue. This bridge is a State of Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation (“State DOT”) safety project and is estimated to be completed in Summer 2024.

Auahi Street as a Pedestrian Promenade

The Auahi Street redevelopment goes hand in hand with the development of The Park Ward Village, anchoring the ‘town center’ of the neighborhood. On either end, it’s lined with boutique shops, restaurants, and condo towers as it ties together with the proposed parks on either end. This redevelopment intends to bring a landscaped spine of activity and character to the neighborhood, and encourage a lifestyle oriented around health and wellness.

Planned Mauka Makai View Corridors

Mauka-Makai View Corridors

The Ward Village Master Plan calls for the introduction of an additional view corridor between Ward Avenue and Kamake’e Street. The intent behind this is to provide a window to see into Ward Village from Ala Moana Boulevard, and further out to the ocean.

Streetscape Design

The master plan calls to establish an identity for Ward Village around three key intersections along Ala Moana Boulevard. These intersections serve as gateways into Ward Village and Central Kakaako - the landscapes should provoke a sense of arrival into the Ward Village neighborhood.

The Ward Village master plan intends to bring the perfect blend of urban and island lifestyles in a way that promotes a health and wellness lifestyle.

Promenade Mock Up Plans

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The above information is concerning a project that has not yet been completed. The images, where applicable, are the intellectual property of the developers of the project. The information is subject to change at any time by its developers, who we are not affiliated with. All information is subject to verification.

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