New Condo Development Information For Melia And Ilima - Ward Village Towers

The Howard Hughes Corporation submitted exhibits to the HCDA in mid 2023 indicating their intention to develop two new front-row towers in the master-planned Ward Village neighborhood. Once referred to as ‘Block D Ward Village’ and ‘Block E Ward Village,' these towers are now known as Melia and Ilima. If all goes well, they are expecting to submit further permit applications mid 2024 and start construction mid 2025.

Rendering of a redesigned Auahi Street

These towers will be located between Auahi Street and Ala Moana Boulevard, next to the IBM Building and replacing the current Ward Center. The development of the towers will bring an estimated 390 residences to the neighborhood. Given the front-row positioning, Melia (Block D) and Ilima (Block E) are expected to have a luxurious theme.

Images used on this page are early renderings, are the property of the developers, and may not accurately represent the completed project.

Development Information For New Towers In Ward Village

As of the permit applications, neither tower will contain reserved housing units. This is because the current reserve housing requirements for Ward Village have already been met with other developments.

June 2023 Development Map Ward Village

Current permit applications indicate that both towers intend to have similar L-Shaped designs, harmonizing with each other to create an iconic sight along a redesigned walkway. Melia (Block D) and Ilima (Block E) will have ample off-street parking, public short-term bicycle parking stalls, and resident long-term bicycle parking stalls.

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Melia Ward Village

Melia (Block D) will be located to the west of Ilima (Block E), between Auahi Street to the north and Ala Moana Boulevard to the south. Current permits indicate it will contain:

  • 242 Units
  • Appx. 65,615 Sq Ft of Recreational Area
  • Appx. 8,289 Sq Ft of Ground Floor Commercial Space
  • Appx. 5,049 Sq Ft of Additional Open Space
  • Juliet Balcony-Style Lanai in Select Units

Along the street-facing siding of the parking levels, Melia (Block D) intends to maintain the look of smaller-scale architecture along Auahi Street. The intention is to create a street environment that accommodates cars while also accommodating walking and socializing.

Block D Early Development Plans

The rooftop recreation deck of Melia (Block D) is being designed with gardens, lawns, and pools.

Ilima Ward Village

Ilima (Block E) will be located to the east of Melia (Block D), between Auahi Street to the north and Ala Moana Boulevard to the south. Current permits indicate it will contain:

  • 148 Units
  • Appx. 81,077 Sq Ft of Recreational Area
  • Appx. 7,461 Sq Ft of Ground Floor Commercial Space
  • Appx. 709 Sq Ft of Additional Open Space
  • Juliet Balcony-Style Lanai in Select Units

Along the street-facing siding of the parking levels, Ilima (Block E) intends to continue with maintaining the smaller-scale architectural style along Auahi street.

Block E Early Development Plans

The large amount of Recreational area in comparison to the smaller number of units indicate that this recreational space may be luxurious or resort-level in nature.

Block D & Block E Development Timeline

Current submitted applications are proposing a modification or exception to current rules for planned developments. These are not the final permits required for construction of the towers. Building permit applications are expected to be submitted for both towers in mid-2024, with construction estimated to start in late 2025.

This timeline is an early estimate from permit applications and is subject to change based on sales and market trends.

All information from this post was derived from public information submitted to the HCDA by the developers, who we are not associated with. This information is representative of an early state of planning. These projects may change heavily over the course of their development cycles.

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