Living Off Grid in Hawaii

Living Off Grid in Hawaii

Living Off-Grid

Many people are choosing to make a shift in their lifestyle based on the economy, concerns about climate change, or a desire to connect more to nature. Living off grid in Hawaii means removing yourself from the support systems of public utilities and seeking to live a sustainable, independent lifestyle.

Baby Steps to Living Off Grid in Hawaii

You may not be ready to go completely off grid, like this couple that lives in a communal, sustainable home on the Big Island. You can still take baby steps toward living a more sustainable life and living off the land to supplement your income or stay connected to nature.

Living Off-Grid in Hawaii


Go through hunter education and get your hunting license to learn more about animal populations on the Hawaiian islands. By taking the time to educate yourself, you will understand the ecology of Hawaii better, and ideally be able to bring home meat that will feed your family for a year or more.


Fishing is an obvious skill you will want to master as you make a plan for living off grid. With some of the best seafood in the world just minutes from home, you have the chance to enjoy world class fish without supporting the commercial fishing industry.

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There is an abundance of fruit trees in Hawaii. If the tree is on your neighbor's private property, make sure to ask if they will be using all of their fruit and are open to sharing some with you. You can also educate yourselves on plants that grow wild and are edible, an essential skill you will want to have one day when you are living off grid in Hawaii.


Planting a garden is a fun and practical hobby to work towards your goal of living off grid in Hawaii. With a climate that provides excellent gardening conditions all year long, you will be able to build your gardening skills toward the goal of living entirely from your own land.

Start small, planting a few crops that you know you will eat regularly, and then grow as your skills and space increase.

Living Off-Grid in Hawaii

Collecting Water

Another simple baby step towards living off grid in Hawaii is collecting water. Not only is this a sustainable practice to benefit the environment, it is also an affordable way to manage water and will allow you to see how much water you really need if you decide to go completely off grid. When you depend on city utilities for water, you likely don't have a consistent awareness of the volume of water your household uses.

To begin collecting and recycling water, set up a rain water collection system in your yard, or place a bucket under the shower head to collect unused water. You can then use this collected water to care for your garden, wash your bike or car, or other gray water uses.

Why Hawaii?

Hawaii is an ideal place to live off grid because of the consistently perfect climate. There are also enough people already living off grid in Hawaii to have a community of like minded individuals around you. This also means there are already some properties on the market that are prepared to support an off grid lifestyle.

There aren't many places on this planet that would accommodate being outside year round, with a thriving garden in the dead of winter and fresh fish to be caught any day of the year. Hawaii is a unique location in the world that just might be exactly what you're looking for.

If you think a move to Hawaii might be right for you, contact our office any time. We are ready to help you find your ideal property in Hawaii and get started enjoying island life.

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