How to Get the Best Price for Your Home in Hawaii

How to Get the Best Price for Your Home in Hawaii

Selling your home in Hawaii? It's safe to assume you want to get the best price, and there are some proven strategies to help you achieve just that. Even in a real estate market that is changing rapidly, there are some tried and true ways to market and price your home to achieve the best results.

Keep reading for our best tips to sell your Hawaii home for the best price.

1. Work with the right agent

The first, and probably most significant, factor in selling your home for the best price is working with the right team of professionals. A qualified real estate agent with experience in your area will have their finger on the pulse of comparable properties and what is working.

The best marketing, pricing, and negotiating strategy is to have an agent on your side who has proven themselves; we would love to help.

2. Get the price right

Pricing your home for listing is a complex process. Pricing it too high can result in a listing that sits on the market for a while, which will require you to lower the price and risk a questionable first impression to potential buyers who wonder why the home isn't selling quickly. On the other hand, pricing it too low will often leave money on the table.

Getting your price right requires a good working knowledge of comparable homes in the neighborhood, and a realistic perspective on the condition of the home. Some updating you've done may not be fully reflected in the price of the home, while other updates will attract higher offers. The best way to get the price right is to communicate clearly with your agent and trust their recommendation.

3. Attract your ideal buyer

Attracting your ideal buyer is one of the best ways to a get a full-priced offer on your home. These days, screen appeal is even more important than curb appeal. Screen appeal is how your home appears in its online listing, where the vast majority of your potential buyers will view the home the first time.

Taking the time to declutter and stage your home will go a long way in putting its best foot forward and attracting your ideal buyer. Investing in high-quality photography for the listing is also totally essential for good screen appeal.

4. Review offers carefully

As the offers begin to roll in, take the time to review them carefully. Not all offers come down to the number they offer. For example, a full price offer that is contingent on their own sale and requests some repairs to be done before closing may ultimately be a worse deal for you than an offer below asking with strong funding and an agreement to purchase the home as-is.

Each offer will have its own details to review, so the best thing to do is go through each offer carefully with the guidance of your agent and figure out what the bottom line is on each one.

5. Don't be afraid to accept an early offer

In many cases, sellers who are not on a tight timeline want to wait to see if a better offer comes in. Sometimes it does, but remember you are gambling if you turn down a good offer early on. There's no guarantee that another better or equal offer will come along. Decide before listing what you are willing to sell the home for, and how flexible your timeline is to help your decision-making process be more efficient as offers start to come in.

For more information about successfully selling your home in Hawaii, contact us any time!

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