How to Get the Best Deal Buying New Construction Projects on Oahu

There’s a reason why you’ll find some of the best new development projects in Hawaii on Oahu. It’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family. You’ve got a bustling metropolis with every modern convenience imaginable, an international airport with direct links to major destinations, great schools, and some of the most pristine beaches on the planet with year-round tropical weather.  

Living room of Victoria Place

It’s this perfect blend of modern living with the island lifestyle that makes so many people want to call Oahu their home. Developers are stepping up and catering to that demand with incredible new construction projects that offer the latest designs, finest materials, and world-class amenities.  

Looking to buy a new development condo? Here’s what you need to know if you want to get the best deal on new development projects on Oahu.

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Get informed about Oahu New Development projects

Position yourself for success by getting educated and informed on how the process works. You can do that by visiting our dedicated New Developments page where we have curated all of the information on the current and upcoming condo projects on Oahu in one place for you. You’ll also find more useful information in this article about how the process works. 

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Set up a consultation

Thereafter, simply set up a consultation with us by filling out the contact form below to learn more about the projects that interest you. We’ll set up a time to go over your preferences and suggest best options based on your price range, lifestyle requirements, preferred locations, etc. You’ll benefit from our over 2 decades of experience helping people buy in new development projects and our strong network of relationships with the developer.  In doing so, you’ll be in a position to get the best pricing and the greatest selection of choices of properties to choose from.

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Get your financing in order

Time is of the essence when buying a unit in a new development project on Oahu. The demand is usually very high and it’s important to have all of your ducks in a row so that you’re able to capitalize on the opportunities quickly. 

Koula Hawaii

This requires being pre-approved for financing, either from a lender of your choice or the developer’s preferred lenders, so that you’re ready to go when the project is released for sale to the public.  

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Get in on the ground floor

The benefits of getting in on the ground floor of a new development project are immense. That’s when you have the most options and the best options at competitive prices. The best units always get picked up first. Not buying when the project is first announced means that you’ll have fewer options to choose from at potentially higher prices as the developers raise prices.

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As more units sell, developers raise the prices and fewer options remain to choose from. Working with us helps avoid that outcome. We have our finger on the pulse of what’s going on and what projects are coming up. We can get you primed and ready to execute before the launch.

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Get started, give us a call

Helping clients find the best new development options that suit their lifestyle is our speciality. We’ve helped buyers purchase in new development projects for over two decades and have cultivated strong relationships with leading developers on Oahu. We remain in constant contact with them and that means we typically find out about new projects before they’re released to the general public. We can get you prepared and have you ready to go so that when the project is released, you’re well positioned to execute quickly, getting the best deal. 

Give us a call at 1-(808) 435-7754 or fill out the form below to request a free consultation. We’ll put our expertise to good use and answer any questions you may have so that you can get the best deal on your favorite new development project on Oahu. 

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