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Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show

Join us live every other Friday at 9:00am HST for The Aloha Friday Hawaii Real Estate Show. It is the most comprehensive live real estate broadcast in Hawaii, where we answer your questions about all things Hawaii and in particular Hawaii real estate and what it is like to live in Hawaii. Tune in and submit your comments in the comment section on YouTube and we will answer them live.

 Aloha Friday Hawaii Show

Past Shows

Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 10/15 - Learning about Hawaii before you buy
Aloha! In this episode we have a few real estate tips and offer help on determining where to buy in Hawaii. My advice: Get to know the area you want to move before you purchase a home in Hawaii. After all, a home isn't just a building - it's the community you wake up in. Got a question for us? Fill out the form below to send it in! https://forms.gle/LJ6HMzJx8H9jC8D1A Want to learn more Waikiki? Click the link below! https://www.hiestates.com/waikiki Click below to learn more about popular communities
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 10/1 - Is Hawaii Real Estate In A Bubble?
Aloha! In Hawaii News, Oahu is seeing new restrictions coming into place on short-term rentals.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 9/3 - Tourism News & Fix N Flip Questions
Aloha! Hawaii is running low on Oxygen and it's causing some concern. Changes are potentially coming to short term rental laws on Oahu. After a discussion on that, we turn to viewer questions on how viable house flipping is in Hawaii. Got a question for us? Fill out the form below to send it in! https://form.jotform.com/202027134979154 Click below to see the listing for today's Diamond, a Kahala Luxury Home for sale! https://www.hiestates.com/property-search/detail/354/202121346/4447-kahala-avenue-honol
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 8/20 - Worry Over Rising Virus Numbers
Aloha! Are Changes coming to the Safe Travels program? Speaking of the virus, don't use a fake vaxx card or you could face up to a year in prison. There's already been multiple arrests - if you try this, you will get caught. Despite these fears, the Honolulu condo market continues following the single-family home market in depleting inventory. Got a question for us? Fill out the form below to send it in! https://form.jotform.com/202027134979154
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 8/6 - Record Numbers Have People Worried
Aloha! There has been recent talk about vaccination exemptions being taken away. The brush fires on Big Island have died down, but covid numbers are rising. Got a question for us? Fill out the form below to send it in! https://form.jotform.com/202027134979154 Check out today's Deal in Kaimuki: https://www.hiestates.com/property-search/detail/354/202117878/1122e-2nd-avenue-honolulu-hi-96816/ Learn more about Kaimuki and see more listings in Kaimuki at my website below https://www.hiestates.com/kaimuki/
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 7/23 - On Location In Anaha, Ward Village
In this video I'm on location in Anaha, one of the urban core condo towers in Ward Village! This award-winning tower is a part of the pedestrian-friendly Ward Village neighborhood, developed by the Howard Hughes corporation. It is set in the Kakaako area of Honolulu, Oahu, just minutes away from Ala Moana beach. Want to learn more about Anaha, Ward Village, and Kakaako? Check out the links below! https://www.hiestates.com/anaha/ https://www.hiestates.com/ward-village/ https://www.hiestates.com/kakaako/
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 7/9 - News, Questions, & Home Buying Tips
Aloha! In today's video, we talk Hawaii News & Info and field questions from potential homebuyers interested in Hawaii real estate! In the news segment - higher hotel taxes are coming. Not just that - starting July 8th, travelers who are fully vaccinated with card from anywhere in the United States can travel to Hawaii without quarantine! After the news segment, we do a rundown on Hawaii real estate in general before breaking it down to Oahu real estate. Then, the Diamonds & Deals section shows some of th
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 6/25 - Real Estate Q & A Special
Aloha! Today is a special episode of the Aloha Friday Hawaii Show, with hot Hawaii real estate tips. First, in our Hawaii News & Info segment - there are signs that COVID restrictions are beginning to relax. So far, indications point to vaccinated people having more free-ranging travel starting on July 8th. Then the main topic for today's special episode: We talk Hawaii Real Estate tips for today's crazy real estate market and answer a few common questions that get shot our way. Among these - Settlements
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 6/11 - Median Home Prices Rising Fast
Median home prices on Oahu are quickly approaching $1 million as the market continues on. After talking about that, we dive into a popular topic - how much more expensive is Hawaii than the mainland? Shipping your car? Groceries?
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 5/28 - Masking Updates, Outdoors & Indoors
The outdoor mask mandate that has been lifted - but masking up is still taken serious here. Hapuna Beach - No Ka Oi! In his review of the top 10 beaches in the United States, Dr. Beach named Hapuna Beach as the best. The contrast between the white of the sand and the black of the lava rock really makes the white sand stand out.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 5/14 - Comparing the 2007 and 2021 Markets
Scott Startsman & Company talk about Island news, real estate markets, moving to Hawaii and discuss the 2007 VS 2021 markets. The Inter-Island Vaccine Passport is up and running, allowing those who got their vaccines in Hawaii travel between the islands without quarantine restrictions. After our news segment, we go over a few Hawaii housing market updates and have a discussion over whether today's market is like the 2005-2008 market.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 4/30 - Tight Inventory & Homebuying Questions
In our Living In Hawaii News segment, we discuss an unfortunate snag in the Vaccine Passport process for Hawaii. After our news segment, we run through Hawaii housing market updates and take a deep dive into questions from potential buyers.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 4/16 - Vaccine Passport Info & Moving Alone
It looks like the vaccine passport is on its way - but the rollout date is uncertain. The ideal scenario would be those with vaccine passports can travel inter-island in early May with no quarantine, with later rollout to mainland visitors. This could change at any time, but it looks very hopeful.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 4/2 - Shopping In Hawaii & A Word On Masks
We’re seeing a slight bump in COVID cases throughout Hawaii. There doesn’t seem to be any major cause for alarm - but it’s still better to know than to not. The only exception has been Kauai, which is extremely strict in enforcing their policy.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 3/19 - Rentals & Investment Properties
Hawaii is starting to show a recovery in the visitor industry, with spots on Oahu and in Waikiki showing signs of life again. As we’re easing out of these harsher restrictions, the mayor of Honolulu has just allowed bars to reopen.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 3/5 Advice For Moving To Hawaii With Pets
First an update on the weather - an earthquake caused a tsunami watch, but it was thankfully a false alarm. In travel news - Hawaii is working on a system to allow travelers who have been vaccinated to skip Hawaii’s quarantine requirements. The system will initially start with vaccinated essential workers within the state, but they hope to include mainland travel in the program by May 1st.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 2-19-2021
Today, Scott Startsman & Company talk local Hawaii News, tiny houses in Hawaii, and answering the question: Is Hawaii a paradise for remote workers?
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 2/5 Brrr! Snow, News, & Market Updates
In the news, brrrrrr - it’s cold out! We have snow on the mountains on Big Island, and Hawaiian families have been doing something that you might not see on the mainland. If you drive towards the mountain on a snowy day, you can spot trucks and trailers loaded up with snow. Many Hawaiian families will head up to the mountain, load up the truckbed with snow, then take it home to dump it in the front yard for the family to play with.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 1/22 Renting In Hawaii & Market Updates
First up, in today's Hawaii News segment we go over changing travel rules, floods, and massive surfs. Then our Real Estate Professionals break down how the real estate market is performing on Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 1/8 Market Update January 2021
After we break down the updates with our Hawaii Real Estate experts, we'll answer questions submitted by the audience.
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 12/11/2020 Holiday Edition
It's the Aloha Friday Hawaii Show - 2020 Holiday Edition!
Aloha Friday Hawaii Show | 11/27/2020
In this episode, Scott Startsman and company come to you just after Thanksgiving and answer your questions live. We give you some insight as to what people in Hawaii have for Thanksgiving, and answer your questions about living in Hawaii and give you in depth insight into the Hawaii real estate market.